Sneaky Foods that Prevent Leaning

Since your reading this, I’m assuming that you’re in the process of leaning out.

Congratulations! Leaning out is tough; I know I definitely miss eating 3500 calories worth of chicken, potatoes, and pb&j every day. Yet, leaning out is necessary for all of us to get ripped body we always dreamed of.

So in that case, let’s address some of the top 5 foods that you’re probably eating right now (I can see you!) that are causing you to screw up your lean out process.

  1. SALAD

I swear, I love that green stuff. Call me a ninny, but salad is absolutely delicious. Stuffed with antioxidants and lots of fiber, if you add some fish and chicken to it, this can become a protein bomb.

But wait! There are some problems.


If your salad is loaded with enough cheese and bacon to qualify as a baked potato, you’re doing it wrong. Salad’s with lots of croutons, creamy dressings and fried foods can cause lot’s of problems for leaning out.

Make it Lean

To keep it within your lean-out diet, always read the nutrition info, stick to low-fat dressings, and try to look for healthy toppings like fruits and nuts. Make sure you keep a good protein-fat ratio, and you should be okay.


Yogurt is not just delicious, but is filled with lots of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, bacteria, and have tons of health benefits.


That generic brand of fruity yogurt that you’re so happily shoveling through most likely contains an insane amount of sugar. (Seriously? Didn’t we just have this conversation?)

Make it Lean

Go for the simple and plain yogurt and add your own fruit or nuts too it. This will make sure that you keep the sugar and fat content down while giving yourself plenty of protein and aminos.


Peanut butter is a staple for my bulking diet. Are you kidding? It’s quickly used as fuel, is packed full of mono-saturated fats, niacin, and other vital vitamins to any workout regimen.


Oh no! Not peanut butter too!

If you get the wrong type of peanut butter, AKA the peanut butter that is mass produced commercially or cheaply, you’re going to get peanut butter that has way too much sugar and trans fat. Both of those aspects are horrible for leaning out and can make it difficult to shed fat.

Make it Lean

Look for the peanut butter that is natural and isn’t loaded with preservatives. This will make sure you get all the appropriate nutrients while not consuming the problematic preservatives.

  1. Pasta

Macaroni, anyone? Pasta has tons of carbs, which means it’s great for energy. On top of that, it helps allow vital nutrients that excel at muscle growth to go to work.


Here we go again with mass-produced issue. A lot of pasta out there has become fiber less and calorie dense. This causes problems with digesting the carbohydrates and using it as fuel.

Make it Lean

Choose naturally-made pasta or pasta that is whole grain. Generally, these pastas are not as refined, so they still have all the qualities that make them perfect for leaning.

  1. Steak

Why!? Oh, why do I attack the steak!?


Steak is full of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that are perfect for building muscle.


Fatty steaks, like the rib eye for example, are huge killers when it comes to gaining lean muscle. They simply have too much fat in them, even though they taste delicious.

Make it Lean

Fear not! You don’t have to give up your steak dinner! Go for the lean cuts of steak so that you can get the most out of the red meat consumption while limiting your fat consumption. Doing this will ensure you get the appropriate amounts of nutrients from the steak while keeping the fats down.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. These foods are great for both leaning out and putting on muscle, depending on which type of diet program you are on. Just make sure to pay attention to the nutrition labels and you’ll have a great start!

Have fun, be prepared, get lifting!

Fatty Steak
                                  Fatty steaks can cause problems when trying to lean.

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