Should I Eat Big to Get Big?

One of the biggest issues for beginning weightlifters, or even intermediate weightlifters, is the diet. Many choose to jump on the bandwagon of a new supplement, new plan, or new super food to try and boost their gains. However, novices overlook one of the most vital factors of gaining muscle and maximizing their workout program. Do you know what that fact is?


Boom! No getting around it, had to be said.

I’ll save the actual food discussion for another time; the most important factor I want to stress in this post is that you actually have to eat big to get big. So, should I eat more?…


The body’s muscles need the energy from food in order to build up more muscle, that’s basic.

In order to build muscle, you have to work hard. In order to work hard, your body requires more energy. To have energy, you have to eat…a lot (or at least to arguably reach maximum potential).

To maximize muscle gains, an increased calorie intake is essential. To build more muscle the human body needs a surplus of calories for fuel. In order for the human body to have a surplus of calories, the total consumption of calories must be more than the amount of activity and work that the body goes through on a daily basis. Or in math terms: Intake > Output.

To put it simply, the more someone works out to gain muscle, the more they have to eat to maximize potential.


I get it, gaining too much excess is bad. It has been the same story for every lifter since lifting began (right?). Most people, not all, are worried about putting on too much fat during their workout program. But here’s the kicker: it’s almost impossible not to gain at least some extra fat in search of gains.

As stated before, the body and muscle groups need extra calories and nutrients (macro and micro) in order to supplement the muscle gains. The muscles that are consistently being broken down through training are also consistently being built up by the big eating that is being accomplished. The extra fat percentage being gained from all the extra eating is what is supplying your muscles with the energy it needs.


So, eat big to get big. Muscle groups require more calories and nutrients than usually consumed in order to grow. Eating more to grow you’re your muscles will improve in both size and strength, and also increase the overall benefits of your lifting. Depending on what body type you are, you may gain more or less fat from eating more during training. Don’t let the fact that you will gain more fat deter you from eating more to grow. A proper lean out program will be able to assist in shredding whatever fat gained if that is a concern.

To put it simply, eat big to get big. Please, don’t starve your muscles.

Oatmeal, yum!

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